New York Arts Program

Application Basics

The NY Arts Program application is now on line. Admission to the New York Arts Program is competitive.  Applications will be reviewed as they are received. It is to your advantage to apply early.

                                                          Fall Semester - March 31   Spring Semester - October 1 

Research the requirements for off-campus study at your college with your career services, off-campus, or international studies offices.

  • For a list of NYAP’s college liaisons, please click here. If your school is not listed, you can still apply to the New York Arts Program, but you will need to work with your school to insure that you receive the academic credit that Ohio Wesleyan University issues to each student. We are happy to provide information about the program to your Office of Off Campus Studies, advisor, or registrar. Contact 212-563-0255 or
  • Insure your credits will be transferred by having your college provide their official signature on your application form.


Students from accredited colleges and universities are eligible to apply. In order to receive academic credit students must meet their home college’s requirements for off campus study.

International Students

Students at educational institutions outside the US must have a competency in written and spoken English. Contact to inquire about visa arrangements.

Recent College Graduates

The Post-Baccalaureate Bridge Program Offers recent College graduates interested in working or doing research in the City a customized introduction to Life in NYC and professional options in the arts, media, and creative industries through internships, access to seminars, and advising. For more information, contact Executive Director, Linda Earle.

Academic Credit

Students who complete the program are issued 16 credit hours by Ohio Wesleyan University, NYAP’s managing college distributes the academic credit. Campuses process and distribute credit differently. Check with your advisor.

Regular 15-week students earn 16 credits  (10-week tri-semester students earn 10 2/3 credit

2014-2015 Semester Calendar

FALL 2014:         September 2, 2013– December 12, 2014 (15-week)
SPRING  2015:   January 13, 2015 -  April 24, 2015  (15week)
                         (Spring Term for 10-week students is from January 13, 2014 – March 20, 2015)